For the One Trying to Hold it All Together

I see you and I used to be you. Sometimes I still am on my really difficult days.  Here’s what you can’t do:  Yeah, that was me. I was a people pleaser to the Nth degree. I wanted everyone to like me and I avoided conflict just like people still try to avoid Covid exposure.Continue reading “For the One Trying to Hold it All Together”

Making Peace with my Past

Before I left the Catholic Church many years ago, I wrestled with that decision. Hard core. It was messy and my mind was clouded. In the end, when I made my decision, I was people pleasing instead of peacemaking.  Recently, I heard a priest say something like this: “If you are wondering what God wantsContinue reading “Making Peace with my Past”

Bridging the Gap Between Reading Recovery┬« and Other Literacy Theories

**This is an edited form of a final reflection paper that I had to write for a one credit hour book study course** April 30, 2022    This year has been a difficult one. I was floundering in my teaching and beat down by the demands of those who in a roundabout way were telling meContinue reading “Bridging the Gap Between Reading Recovery┬« and Other Literacy Theories”

Parenthood-The Beginning

When God allows two people have a child, those two people are forever changed, as they become parents. NOTHING we do changes that. EVER. Being a parent is a huge responsibilityÔÇŽone that we cannot possibly do alone. It takes two. It actually takes a village. I’m not a Hillary Clinton fan, but that statement sheContinue reading “Parenthood-The Beginning”