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Making Peace with my Past

Before I left the Catholic Church many years ago, I wrestled with that decision. Hard core. It was messy and my mind was clouded. In the end, when I made my decision, I was people pleasing instead of peacemaking.  Recently, I heard a priest say something like this: “If you are wondering what God wantsContinue reading “Making Peace with my Past”

Bridging the Gap Between Reading Recovery® and Other Literacy Theories

**This is an edited form of a final reflection paper that I had to write for a one credit hour book study course** April 30, 2022    This year has been a difficult one. I was floundering in my teaching and beat down by the demands of those who in a roundabout way were telling meContinue reading “Bridging the Gap Between Reading Recovery® and Other Literacy Theories”

Parenthood-The Beginning

When God allows two people have a child, those two people are forever changed, as they become parents. NOTHING we do changes that. EVER. Being a parent is a huge responsibility…one that we cannot possibly do alone. It takes two. It actually takes a village. I’m not a Hillary Clinton fan, but that statement sheContinue reading “Parenthood-The Beginning”

Sinners and Saints

I have heard many times in my life that we are all saints and sinners. For myself, I put sinner first, just to attempt to keep myself a little humble, even though I am FAR from being humble.  I can say all the right words, be the “good” wife, be the “good” mom and grandma,Continue reading “Sinners and Saints”

The Way of Love

Have you ever felt alone in your own home? Does it seem like your loved ones don’t care? Do they walk out the door without saying goodbye? Do they shut down when you try to communicate? Do you argue more than you laugh together? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the easyContinue reading “The Way of Love”

My Bestie

My Bestie is the BEST  best friend. She gives with zero expectation of return and forgives like none other.  My best friend knows when to listen, when to speak, and when to get angry. She understands her audience and speaks accordingly. It is a fine art that she has perfected over the years. She supportsContinue reading “My Bestie”

Mary’s Story

Years ago (during my first go around as a Catholic), my husband bought me a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I appreciated it, but never felt or chose to be devoted enough to Mary to really grasp the greatness of that one random act of kindness.   My husband is not Catholic, yet he choseContinue reading “Mary’s Story”

Glue is a Good Thing

Glue is a good thing, it makes things stick together. It can get messy, but what good thing isn’t? My daughter and son in law surprised our family with the first of two blessings in 2019.  Almost three years ago, that sweet girl captured some worn out hearts in our family and helped breathe inContinue reading “Glue is a Good Thing”


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