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A Mother

For my sister 💕 Whether you realize it or not, you are a mother. A mother loves those around her without condition. A mother is compassionate towards humanity. A mother always loves her fur babies. A mother listens well. A mother is selfless towards those who sometimes don’t reciprocate. A Godmother makes up for theContinue reading “A Mother”

To Jesus Through Mary

I’ve written a lot about my journey back to the Catholic Church. This post will be no exception.  One Sunday morning, back when I was only going to church for my son, I decided to really listen to the homily-the priest’s message. He spoke of the importance of the Sacrament of Confession. I wasn’t buyingContinue reading “To Jesus Through Mary”

Treat Others

The Golden Rule is so easy for me to expect from others, but am I living it?  When a friend betrays, I get angry and gossip about the betrayal. When a breakdown in communication occurs, I try to come in to “fix” it which comes off rude. When my adult kids don’t want to getContinue reading “Treat Others”

Making Peace with my Past

Before I left the Catholic Church many years ago, I wrestled with that decision. Hard core. It was messy and my mind was clouded. In the end, when I made my decision, I was people pleasing instead of peacemaking.  Recently, I heard a priest say something like this: “If you are wondering what God wantsContinue reading “Making Peace with my Past”

Parenthood-The Beginning

When God allows two people have a child, those two people are forever changed, as they become parents. NOTHING we do changes that. EVER. Being a parent is a huge responsibility…one that we cannot possibly do alone. It takes two. It actually takes a village. I’m not a Hillary Clinton fan, but that statement sheContinue reading “Parenthood-The Beginning”

Sinners and Saints

I have heard many times in my life that we are all saints and sinners. For myself, I put sinner first, just to attempt to keep myself a little humble, even though I am FAR from being humble.  I can say all the right words, be the “good” wife, be the “good” mom and grandma,Continue reading “Sinners and Saints”

The Way of Love

Have you ever felt alone in your own home? Does it seem like your loved ones don’t care? Do they walk out the door without saying goodbye? Do they shut down when you try to communicate? Do you argue more than you laugh together? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the easyContinue reading “The Way of Love”

My Bestie

My Bestie is the BEST  best friend. She gives with zero expectation of return and forgives like none other.  My best friend knows when to listen, when to speak, and when to get angry. She understands her audience and speaks accordingly. It is a fine art that she has perfected over the years. She supportsContinue reading “My Bestie”


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