Making Peace with my Past

Before I left the Catholic Church many years ago, I wrestled with that decision. Hard core. It was messy and my mind was clouded. In the end, when I made my decision, I was people pleasing instead of peacemaking.  Recently, I heard a priest say something like this:

“If you are wondering what God wants you to do, it will be clear. If you are wrestling with a decision,  just be patient and wait for His answer.”

Several years ago, I was going to a nondenominational Christian church. There was a lot of good going on in that church, but one thing I couldn’t make peace with was the negative speak against the Catholic Church (as well as other Christians and their churches).  Why in the world would Christians point fingers at other Christians? I couldn’t make sense of it, but because I was a lazy Christian, I decided to people please and follow suit. I started badmouthing the Catholic Church as well as other Christians and taught my kids to do the same. I was miserable, but would put on a happy face each Sunday to sing with our praise team (people I still consider family to this day).

One thing I know for certain is this: if someone prays for God’s will no matter the cost, those prayers will be answered. Sometimes the answer doesn’t come for years, but He is always good and faithful to those who seek His will instead of their own.

When my kids were little, I was bound and determined I was going to raise them Catholic. My non-Catholic husband even agreed to have them baptized (do I ever appreciate him for that)! As time marched on, I let the demands of being a people pleaser steal my family away from God’s will. When I left the Church, I did the same. 

Today? I am a devoted Catholic Christian. I am learning the truth of this amazing faith.  And let me tell you, it is not confusing at all. It is the clearest, most beautiful thing I’ve ever been a part of. I no longer have to people please…now I get to learn how to be a peacemaker. ❤

**If you want to know a little about how I returned to the Catholic Church, read this:

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