Parenthood-The Beginning

When God allows two people have a child, those two people are forever changed, as they become parents. NOTHING we do changes that. EVER.

Being a parent is a huge responsibility…one that we cannot possibly do alone. It takes two. It actually takes a village. I’m not a Hillary Clinton fan, but that statement she made many years ago was spot on.

Please keep reading if you are a single parent, you’re covered and doing one heck of a job. If you’ve lost babies, or if you’ve selflessly given up your child or children for adoption (you know who you are, and I ADMIRE you).  If you are adoptive parents, foster parents, or step parents, you just might have rescued someone from a more difficult life.  Also, if you have terminated, please keep reading! You are FORGIVEN, if you only ask the Author of Life-He is for you, not against you (NO MATTER WHAT), and you are LOVED either way.

For me it started with pregnancy. Let me tell you, being pregnant for me was both a blessing and a curse. Let’s start with the curse. Exhaustion, moodiness, depression (being young and totally clueless will do that to a girl), fear of the unknown, and all day sickness from month 1-5. I actually entertained the thought of how my life would look differently if I terminated, but it wouldn’t have been in the cards for me because of my future husband and our families. I am so thankful, because of the blessing that child is to me now. My heart.

One of the dumbest things I said during my first pregnancy was, “I’m not worried at all about being a mom, it’s labor and birth that scare me.” LOL!!!! If you are a mom who has given birth AND your kid is more than a few weeks old, that should be enough comedy right there to get you through the day! You’re welcome. 

By far the more important parts of pregnancy are the blessings. There’s the first kick, the growing life, the hiccups, etc. There are baby showers, clothes shopping, nursery decorating, and more.

And the moment that baby is born your world is forever changed.  

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Daughter of the King, wife, mom, grandma, daughter, sister, aunt, teacher

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