Sinners and Saints

I have heard many times in my life that we are all saints and sinners. For myself, I put sinner first, just to attempt to keep myself a little humble, even though I am FAR from being humble. 

I can say all the right words, be the “good” wife, be the “good” mom and grandma, teach all the right things, but at the end of the day, when reflection time happens…ouch! 

One of my biggest struggles is talking too much. Good grief there are times when I don’t stop and think before I open my mouth or hit send on my text messages. 

As humans, we are almost always seeking validation, even though (in my humble opinion) we’re supposed to be getting our validation from God. This is why blogging is SO hard for me. I worry WAY too much what people are thinking regarding the things that I share. The negative whispers are LOUD sometimes. I hear things like: “Stop sharing your whole life, you just want validation,” and ” You are such an eff up and you’re giving people more of a reason to see that,” and “What makes you think God would EVER choose you to bless others through your stupid, insignificant life experiences?” Sometimes people that I really admire tell me to quit,  and seem to assume that I’m just in it for the “stats.” 

If I’m being 100% authentic, there’s probably some hidden truth to that, but it isn’t why I bare my soul. The reason I share my difficulties is because I’m a person that is MOVED by the spoken, written, and sung word. If me exposing my darkness in blog form inspires JUST ONE person to climb out of their own pit, all of the “humiliation” will have been worth it. 

I believe that we are called daily to be just a little more humble than we were the day prior. And it hurts so much sometimes, but that pain can bring about such amazing things if we persevere and take up that “daily cross.”

The stuff I share in my blogs reveals that I’m a sinner. The fact that I share it reveals that I’m also a saint. I just CANNOT write that without laughing out loud…yet!

God Bless ❤

Afterthought: Yesterday morning, I was communicating with a very kind woman. Out of the blue, she brought up my posts and said, “Keep sharing. Even if it seems like no one is listening. The truth sets us free.” Thank you, kind person. You gave me strength to go through a rough time that hadn’t even happened yet. Don’t doubt that God uses you to be a blessing to others…especially me!

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