A Toast to Us

Through troubled times and messy days,
Our sib-hood will not waiver,
Through bitter tears and angry thoughts,
Our friendship we will savor.

With this in mind I lift my glass,
In honor of my siblings,
In all the earth not much comes close,
To you, my friends; true blessings.

A lifted glass to you, big Sis, our parents’ proverbial guinea pig,
Despite the many witnessed fights,
Bren, you had a sweet gig.

Dave, a toast to you Big Bro,
You completed the perfect family,
Mom and Dad could finally rest,
But wait! Along came Danny…

A toast to my big brother Dan,
The first of many uh oh’s,
Just joking, you fit perfectly,
Within our group of wackos!

I lift my glass to you Big Bro,
My Dad? Uncle? No, brother, Bob!
You’ve made yourself a beautiful life,
To which I say “Good Job!”

Ann, I toast you lovingly,
The one who’s fought so hard,
I thank God for that every day,
AND all those sister cards.

Drew Boy here’s a toast to you,
You’re one to be admired,
You put everyone before yourself,
And you never ever get tired.

A final toast to my sweet big Sis,
You rock at selling houses,
You show so much determination,
AND you wear pretty blouses.

Well there it is, my family,
My crap attempt at comedy.
But please don’t one of you forget,
That you are all my favorite!
We could continue to raise our glasses,
But no…we might fall on our a**es!

July 29, 2017

Published by SC

Daughter of the King, wife, mom, grandma, daughter, sister, aunt, teacher

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