Uncle Booper

Uncle Booper and Jumbo❤

Let me tell you about my middle child. He is strong willed. He is wild at heart. He can put you in your place in .01 seconds.  But most importantly, he selflessly loves with all of his heart. 

Let’s call him Uncle Booper. That’s what his niece calls him. It’s totally appropriate because the two of them have a cute thing going where they tap each other’s noses and say “boop.” Pretty simple, but it’s made quite an impact on that little girl. She calls her uncle the BEST booper. My heart.

So here are a few reasons why I can say with certainty that Uncle Booper loves with all of his heart with little to no expectation of return.

  1. He always used to be a momma’s boy. I accidentally squashed that, but it wasn’t intentional so I’m forgiving myself and moving on. 
  1. He loves music..and he is a talented self taught guitarist. I know he loves it because he used to put in tons of time, effort, and energy to learn and practice.
  1. After his best friend died when he was only 16, he continued to love Jumbo’s family unconditionally. They have become family to all of us.
  1. When his first niece was born, he opened his heart to truly love her.
  1. When her little sister was born, he opened his heart even more.
  1. When I recently asked him what the best way that I could demonstrate my love to him was, he told me to get in the best shape of my life. He told me to do something for ME. NOT HIM.

That baby that I got pregnant with seven months after having my first child as a teenager? That baby that I was not happy about when I found out I was pregnant? Well, let me tell you something. He is one of my greatest BLESSINGS. 

And he was born on Christmas Eve. What a gift Uncle Booper is!

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