Seemingly Dark Days

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Raising littles when you are “little”yourself is a tall order. I was 19 when my first child was born, 20 when my second arrived, and 23 when my daughter joined our little family. Raising my three children was truly the highlight of my life!

I loved being a mom (and still do!), but a serious lack of sleep and having a teenage brain can make for some trying times. Throw in vomit, crying, screaming, fighting, housework to keep up with and way more, and you have a lethal combo for a grumpy, emotionally unstable mom!

I would spank my own children out of anger instead of for the purpose of discipline (all while giving more grace to the kids I babysat for). I would sneak cookies when no one was watching (or so I thought). I used the TV as a babysitter. I did the minimum, all the while expecting maximum results. I was wrung out, physically and emotionally.

One of the things I did do right was to pray for and with my kids. And pray we did! I am amazed today at the countless prayers that God heard and answered during those seemingly dark days.

What I wished I would have taught my kids:
God had your back when I couldn’t. He carried you through the tough times and made you into the wonderful adults you are today. He still carries you through it all. Be thankful, and always remember to pray!

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